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Xantias can rust!

During the development of the Xantia, Citroën has done many things to prevent rust. The result of these efforts is that even the first Xantias from 1993 can still look very well, although some cars have visible rust traces on the outside. But.... in my opinion, Citroën has made one mistake in the design. Behind the left rear wheel, there is a hole in the wheel arch to reach the mounting bolt of the rear bumper. Through this hole, water and salt used for melting snow or ice on the roads can enter and cause rust despite the protective measures on the metal. Just a simple press-in cover would have prevented many problems On the right side this problem is far smaller because this wheel arch has a full size inside cover while the fuel line runs there. In 2010 I found information on this problem on a German website from different Xantia owners. After seeing this, I inspected my Xantia and found out that it was time to take action! Now, 4 years later, I have done a short inspection which can bee seen on the 4 last photo's. The situation seems stable. After my treatment in 2010, I have sealed the hole to minimize the risk of water getting inside.

So I suggest all Xantia owners to inspect this critical area before it is too late. Just follow the steps on the first photo's, remove some screws (Torx 20) and fold the vertical carpet away. Then remove the plastic cover and the plastic air vent behind it (same screws). Now you will see how far your Xantia is in need for action....

Here I show you photo's of my Xantia which I have treated 4 years ago before any signs were visible from the outside. For horror photo's of how bad it can be, please search for
Rost am Xantia on Google and view the images.

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